Abysmatic Electronic/Industrial София 2009
Alien Industry Industrial Metal София 1994
Anwakh Industrial Варна 1994
Apocalyptic Sound Gothic/Industrial Бургас 2003
Bastardolomey Groove Metal/Industrial София 2007
Cream Idol Industrial/Electronic Враца 1998
Da Small Tragoediaz Industrial/Experimental София 1992
Digital Shadows Industrial София 2014
Electric Dragon Electro Punk София 2005
Elinor Industrial София 2008
Fake Industrial Велико Търново 1997
Fault Industrial София 2001
Good Food Noisecore/Hardcore/Industrial Добрич 1993
Hieronymus Bosch Industrial/Electronic Бургас 1995
Sanata Vopilif Experimental Extreme Metal Хасково 1998
Suffer H Crossover/Industrial София 1995
The Art Of Joke Industrial София 1996
Toxic Green Industrial Metal Пловдив 2008
Voyvoda Dark Wave/Post Punk/Industrial София 2007
Ædelric Gothic/Industrial София 2016
Пласт-маса Industrial София 2001
Рядка порода Industrial Metal/Punk Rock Видин 2009