Fecal Body Incorporated

Tales From The Spermswamp


Издател: Eclectic Productions
Дата на излизане: 2021-11-15
Носител: CD
Каталожен No: EP063

  1. Legend For The Spermswamp
  2. Woman Like A Fetish
  3. Adventures Of Don Coyote In The Valley Of Anal
  4. Fairy Divine And Deadly Vaginosis
  5. The Fisherman And Golden Transexual Mermaid
  6. Superman And The 40 Whores
  7. Filthy Passions
  8. Frog Time In Pussyland
  9. Uncle Dick In The Kingdom Of Tight Anals
  10. Prayer For The Spermswamp
  11. Rectal Kaviar Sludge
  12. Female S(h)it Terror
  13. Bizarre Body Modification
  14. Something Rotten For Dinner
  15. Maggots And Rancid Meat
  16. Removal Of Rotting Fetus From The Womb
  17. Cold Turkey (Ahumado Granujo cover)
  18. King Anus III (Cock And Ball Torture cover)
  19. Pathogenesis