WWII: Memories for the Future


Издател: Sleaszy Rider Records
Дата на излизане: 2021-07-02
Носител: CD+DVD
Каталожен No: SR-0277

  1. June 22nd
  2. Napalm Stars
  3. Entropy Of Mind
  4. Twice Occupied
  5. Luftraum
  6. Stormtalkers
  7. Wolfsrudel
  8. Overcast Omen
  9. Harleys In Berlin
  10. Black Sun
  11. Now We Are One

    Bonus DVD
  1. Apocalypse Or Theatre (Live At Wacken)
  2. June 22nd (Live At Wacken)
  3. Napalm Stars (Live At Wacken)
  4. The Flood (Live At Wacken)
  5. Give Nothing Back (Live At Wacken)
  6. Crown Land (Live At Wacken)
  7. Ghost Of Freedom (Live At Wacken)
  8. Interview With Wacken Foundation at Wacken Foundation Camp
  9. Interview with Rampart at Wacken Open Air Backstage
  10. June 22nd (bonus video)
  11. Entropy Of Mind (bonus video)