The Nine Gates


Издател: Самиздат
Дата на излизане: 2017-11-01
Носител: CD
Каталожен No:

  1. Preparation for the Journey to the Gates of Magnetic Sleep (intro)
  2. Baphomet`s Call (first gate)
  3. Crossing of the Void (second gate)
  4. Lightless Realms (third gate)
  5. Hate Ritual (fourth gate)
  6. Mother of Abominations (fifth gate)
  7. Reeking Darkness Putrefied (sixth gate)
  8. An Aeon of Might and Glory (seventh gate)
  9. Abaddon the Destroyer (eight gate)
  10. Hidden Doorway to Proxima Centaurus (ninth gate)
  11. The Nine Gates of Mesmeric Revelations (the final gate)
  • Diabolus - вокал
  • Kveld Ulf - китара, вокали
  • Jaffar - бас
  • Гост-музиканти:

  • Иво Иванов - ударни