Crossover (Rapcore, Metalcore, New Metal ...)

18% Grey Alternative Metal София 2011
40 Days Later Metalcore София 2009
8m/s Metalcore/Deathcore Хасково 2010
A Beautiful Lie Metalcore/Post Hardcore Пазарджик 2012
AciDust Neo Metal Пловдив 2000
Adrenaline Overload Crossover Metal София 2014
All Of Us Rapcore/Crossover София 2002
Anamnasia Crossover Кърджали 1996
Angel Disorder Metalcore София 2011
Angerpoint Thrash Metal/Metalcore Хасково 2002
Artery Folk Metal/Crossover Поморие/Амстердам (Холандия) 1989
As Orchids Wither Metalcore Пловдив 2014
As Soon As Possible Alternative Metal Габрово/София 1999
As We All Came Deathcore Шумен 2014
Badcast Rapcore София 2014
Big Fat Lily Alternative/Heavy Metal/Rock Пазарджик 2011
Black Flames Metalcore Добрич 2011
Born For Vengeance Metalcore Русе 2014
CHVoR Alternative/Nu Metal София 1995
Citizen Erased Post Hardcore София 2014
Cold Fear Nu Metal/Groove Троян 2012
Cold In December Metalcore Перник 2009
Collapso Metalcore Пловдив 2007
Contradiction Grindcore/Metalcore Варна 2008
Crashbrake New Metal София 2011
Da Small Tragoediaz Industrial/Experimental София 1992
Dash The Effort Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore София 2011
Despise The Sun Deathcore Ямбол 2010
Dishonored Metalcore София 2015
Distorment Metalcore София 2004
Downer Kill Metalcore Пловдив 2011
Dreadlockz New Metal София 2001
DreamSkiller Neo Metal Пловдив 2012
Dumbfound Crossover София 2015
Eastribe Crossover Варна 2005
Electric Shock Thrash Metal/Alternative Metal София 1990
Envy Metalcore/Deathcore София 2003
EOF Metalcore/Post-Hardcore Асеновград 2015
Escape From Inferno Metalcore София 2015
eX Nu Metal София 2002
Fate Means Nothing Metalcore/Deathcore София 2013
Feast Of Insanity Deathcore/Metalcore Пловдив 2013
Fin Bulgaria Thrash Metal/Crossover Пазарджик 2013
Flies In The Head Crossover Димитровград 1994
From The Ashes Metalcore/Deathcore Ямбол 2015
From The Inside Metalcore Пловдив 2010
Fuel The Hate Hardcore/Thrashcore София 2007
Fyeld Alternative New Metal София 1998
Hell No! Alternative Metal Пловдив 2002
Humanity May Sink Metalcore Перник 2015
I Killed The Last Metalcore Пловдив 2006
In Dying Moments Metalcore Шумен 2010
Insmouth Crossover Велико Търново 1992
Invisible Dreams Alternative Metal Сливен/София 2001
InXile Metalcore София 2006
It Is Good That We Never Met Metalcore София 2015
J.N.D. Crossover София 2004
JFT Rapcore/Crossover София 2012
Just Nu Metal София 2005
K.O.R.A. Alternative Metal / Metalcore София 2012
Kofti Weather Neo Metal София 2001
Komma Тhrashcore София 2003
Lab For Madness Crossover Вършец 2009
Last Minute Loss Metalcore Плевен 2011
Last Remains Metalcore/Deathcore Русе 2008
Little Bitch Company Crossover/Alternative Стара Загора 2004
Lost In Eternity Metalcore София 2015
Maze Alternative Metal София 2008
Meridian Run Beatdown/Hardcore Варна/София 2012
My Own Destiny Metalcore Варна 2013
New Disease Metalcore София 2004
No Fly Zone Crossover София 1998
No Values Crossover Варна 2000
Nocturnal Rebirth Metalcore Пловдив 2012
Noth Hard Rock/Metalcore Белене 2010
Odd Crew Groove Metal/Metalcore София 2008
Ophidian Clasp Metalcore/Deathcore Перник 2015
Overdawn Metalcore/Deathcore Русе 2002
Redrum Crossover София 2003
Ribcage Crossover София 1991
Riffeljack Crossover/Alternative Rock Пловдив 2009
S!ckflag Metalcore Пловдив 2006
Seize The Day Thrash Metal/Metalcore Перник 2011
Sheky & The Bloody Boys Crossover София 1998
Simai New Metal/Funk София/Бирмингам (Англия) 2013
Skre4 Alternative/Neo Metal Плевен 2000
Spectre Of Sanity Metalcore/Djent София 2017
Suffer H Crossover/Industrial София 1995
Syco Tribe Rapcore/Hardcore София 1993
Tatul Crossover София 2010
Tears In My Blood Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore София 2013
The Voice Within Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore Перник 2014
There's No Place Like Home Metalcore/Djent София 2016
This Burning Day Metalcore София 2010
This Is NASA Experimental Metalcore Стара Загора 2008
Time Stroke Melodic Metalcore София 2014
Tomorrow May Fall Metalcore Пловдив 2013
Toxic Hate Alive Inside Metalcore София 2006
True Story Metalcore София 2013
Urban Grey Thrash Metal/Crossover/Hardcore София 2000
W.O.P.S. Electronic Rock София 2010
Zaplaxa Thrash Metal/Metalcore Ихтиман 1999
Божко & Льошко Experimental Rock София 1994
Валяк Rapcore/Hardcore Добрич 1994
КонтраКво Rapcore София 2011
Кота 0 Alternative Rock София 2006
Кълн Alternative Metal София 2001
Матакка Neo Metal София 2003
Отряд 13 Neo Metal София 2006
Шушони Crossover Димитровград 2006